Coldplay - Paradise (Official Video)

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Опубликовано: 19.10.2011
Taken from the album Mylo Xyloto. Stream / download at ~ Follow Coldplay ~ Website: Spotify: Twitter: Facebook: Instagram: Google+: Tumblr: VK: Coldplay Manager: Dave Holmes (
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youtubeschauer hd 12.08.2019 14:35
today the 12 august 2019 its the world-elefant-day support it.
tovarish sophia 12.08.2019 13:53
great fucking job coldplay, the mv is 4:20 mins long
xd ItsHoldz 12.08.2019 13:24
Best song ever. Nostalgic and full of talent
MyWhitePuffle 12.08.2019 13:10
Mine mine minecraft
THE BOSS 107202 12.08.2019 12:33
Dhie 12.08.2019 11:43
2019 12 August - indonesia
Wisnu Fajar 12.08.2019 11:11
12/8/2019/6:08PM I play this song
Andy Setyawan 12.08.2019 09:19
ImTYO 9999 12.08.2019 09:17
Somehow lm feel so bad,evrythime i see into the elephant eyes..
Opps Snower 12.08.2019 08:46
An elephant can catch a bus can ride a bike . Funny Elephant
Shelby Rose 12.08.2019 08:27
Me: *singing* Para Para Paradice *gets looked at*
EmiTGV 363 12.08.2019 08:12
Oh Senshine 12.08.2019 07:01
I'm here because of Shibsibs, I almost cried because of their performance (-_- ;)
Aaron Moore 12.08.2019 06:56
This so call paradise getting old. Boring but still in my town never know that I'm going to get back to my Haters for the help of can't say. Haha now you feel the same way I felt I will not be there for you. Keep kicking rocks. 😎😎😎
Kevin Lopez 12.08.2019 06:54
August 2019 , who' still listening? Like if you does
Zorah 12.08.2019 05:08
KENNY STEWART 12.08.2019 05:03
In Mtv japan playback 2012 top 50, this song is 57th position out of 57 (last)
efh mendes 12.08.2019 04:25
Coldplay and Imagine Dragons are making the best music ever. Thank you for the legacy both ❤
N.J.H 04 12.08.2019 03:39
It's good to be born in the 2000-2002
Kellen Aditya Hermawan 12.08.2019 03:26
Coldplay like. 😶 Justin Bieber comen to
Federico Bastiani 12.08.2019 03:17
Nadie: Absolutamente nadie: Willyrex: PARO PARO PARODAIS
Arturo Rgz 12.08.2019 06:24
Xochi Xxc 12.08.2019 03:13
Who only knows this song from the animation memes??
Lurex360 12.08.2019 02:46
Music is of PES 2013
Prakash chandra Joshi 12.08.2019 02:23
When she was just a girl she expected the world But it flew away from her reach So she ran away in her sleep and dreamed of Para-para-paradise, para-para-paradise, para-para-paradise Every time she closed her eyes When she was just a girl she expected the world But it flew away from her reach and the bullets catch in her teeth Life goes on, it gets so heavy The wheel breaks the butterfly every tear a waterfall In the night the stormy night she'll close her eyes In the night the stormy night away she'd fly And dream of para-para-paradise Para-para-paradise Para-para-paradise She'd dream of para-para-paradise Para-para-paradise Para-para-paradise La-la-la-la-la-la-la La-la-la-la-la-la-la-la-la-la And so lying underneath those stormy skies She'd say, "Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh I know the sun must set to rise" This could be para-para-paradise Para-para-paradise This could be para-para-paradise Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh This could be para-para-paradise Para-para-paradise This could be para-para-paradise Oh oh oh oh oh oh, oh, oh This could be para-para-paradise Para-para-paradise This could be para-para-paradise Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh
Woods E 12.08.2019 02:07
Step 1. Go to Google Step 2. Search this keyword: 123moviestoday Step 3. Enjoy! Coldplay - Paradise (Official Video) change us. “The only way out of the labyrinth of suffering is to forgive. “Do not pity the dead, Harry. Pity the living, and, above all those who live without love. “To love at all is to be vulnerable. Love anything and your heart will be wrung and possibly broken. If you want to make sure of keeping it intact you must give it to no one, not even an animal. Wrap it carefully round with hobbies and little luxuries; avoid all entanglements. Lock it up safe in the casket or coffin of your
El sr papa 12.08.2019 01:06
Willyrex la canta mejor
Psych Out10 12.08.2019 00:46
*first i opened my eyes-*
Graciane Nunes 12.08.2019 00:21
Não tem como não emocionar com essa música né
Higor Pereira 11.08.2019 23:47
Alguém 2019?
Miro Palkej 11.08.2019 22:13
Who loves elephants?
pimenta filmes 11.08.2019 21:41
( ;- )
Lucas Recalde 11.08.2019 21:39
Salty Cashew 11.08.2019 21:24
this reminds me of Spirited Away by Studio Ghibli
Mike Mccarroll 11.08.2019 21:03
Pin me please
Wagner Fernandes 11.08.2019 20:52
Brasil 2019🇧🇷
Hïğh Łöřđ 11.08.2019 19:28
Just driving alone at night and heard this beaut again. Now I missed me sitting in front of a big fat tv staying tuned to MTV just to hear this song.
Darth vader 11.08.2019 18:35
orlando jarquin 11.08.2019 18:10
Classic Song
DudsXtreme 11.08.2019 17:34
╔┓┏╦━━╦┓╔┓╔━━╗ ║┗┛║┗━╣┃║┃║ 0 0 ║ ║┏┓║┏━╣┗╣┗╣╰╯║ ╚┛┗╩━━╩━╩━╩2019?
Takat He takat 11.08.2019 17:04
Sometimes we all love warm water and sometimes we all love cold water but it's totally on you what you are going to choose and this song is perfect to choose one of them
Salam Setiawan 11.08.2019 16:04
1000% talented. 😎😎😎😎😎
Luis Barbosa 11.08.2019 16:01
Viva Willyrex
BroxyGamer 11.08.2019 15:45
Y pensar que Coldplay sacó su propia versión de la canción de Willyrex.
Milo ballz101 11.08.2019 14:54
So many dull white guys here
Youo Caraynja 11.08.2019 14:17
Never thought this would have 1 b views
พ่อมึงตาย 555 11.08.2019 14:13
Nanthiya Iamyod 11.08.2019 13:46
2019 💙
Feelysia McFeels 11.08.2019 13:35
2012 music Those were great times.
Deppy Fazwolf 11.08.2019 13:20
Para para paradise ówò
Cutie Pie 11.08.2019 13:14
I don’t get this video but love the dong
Byan Kadwa Ahmad 11.08.2019 12:56
Why the hell is always "2019 everyone"
s u n f l o w e r 11.08.2019 12:45
*I kept looking for this song, and kept searching up 'Elephant wearing dude riding a bicycle.' iM-*
Its Jdecat 12.08.2019 12:18
1000 subscribers with 5 videos 11.08.2019 14:28
s u n f l o w e r lmao, I just started listening to old music again
Ronin Bayacal 11.08.2019 12:32
🎶 When u play Minee-Minee-Minecraft 🎶
Alex Music 11.08.2019 10:54
The song of All normal men
Robelle Nacar 11.08.2019 08:34
i hope i see the paradise together with u ^^
Great, I Have An Account 11.08.2019 08:10
This music isn't old when it's younger than you.
Yonara Marinho 11.08.2019 07:25
Why i'm crying?
That1lameguy 11.08.2019 07:23
The guitar solo is pretty good honestly.
IWishIWasAFortniteStreamer 11.08.2019 06:25
wait wait wait I didn’t know COLDPLAY made this
Spectacularly 11.08.2019 04:46
Back then on the radio on the way to school, there was no drug references, no bad words, no flexing, just pure music.
Naofumi Iwatani 11.08.2019 21:06
@Spectacularly yesss is same in France :) 🇨🇵
Spectacularly 11.08.2019 21:03
Naofumi Iwatani The goodtimes.
Naofumi Iwatani 11.08.2019 20:49
GustaBr 11.08.2019 04:00
Hey McFly 11.08.2019 03:21
How did they train that elephant to ride a unicycle like that?
Exploit 11.08.2019 03:09
Simpler times.
XxCorey TaylorXx 11.08.2019 02:46
Night plays 11.08.2019 02:40
It's Soo sad😭😭😭😭😭😖😖😞😞
El Deku 11.08.2019 02:20
io viene por los memes Editado:pd: like si hablas español
StroodleDoodles 11.08.2019 02:18
Martin Alonzo 11.08.2019 02:17
Aguante paradise
ardy prio 11.08.2019 02:01
So sad
Liliana Gastelum 11.08.2019 01:42
this is my life its just so heavy and just going to sleep with this song kills me but I identify so much.
Rinngheta Chhakchhuak 11.08.2019 01:41
Any mizo
Frann Santana 11.08.2019 01:01
Minha música!!❤🇧🇷
Los Cuatro Amigos GREJ 11.08.2019 00:53
Gricki Vitruvio 11.08.2019 00:31
Perfect! !!
gaborito sotito 11.08.2019 00:28
Fake, 2:21
gaborito sotito 11.08.2019 00:26
Suwandi Sinaga 11.08.2019 00:02
Full music . . . ✔✔✔
Christian Banda 10.08.2019 23:36
Quien esta aqui por willy?
Info Tec 10.08.2019 23:34
Luis Lima 10.08.2019 23:26
Muito legal
cs gaming 10.08.2019 22:52
Fatimah Dora 10.08.2019 22:39
Im on august 2019..pAradise my dream in the world. ..aamiien
Giovanni YTツ 10.08.2019 22:33
parao parao paradais hispanos reunanse :v
Norwegian Promos 10.08.2019 22:23
Check out "Paradise" in my playlist: Vh1 Top 50 Dance vs. Pop!
JavierRB5 10.08.2019 22:14
Nada comparado con Willyrex xD
Wagoner vz 10.08.2019 22:10
Step 1. Go to Google Step 2. Search this keyword: 123moviestoday Step 3. Enjoy! Coldplay - Paradise (Official Video) invisible snapped insider her, and that which had come together commenced to fall apart. “As a woman I have no country. As a woman I want no country. As a woman, my country is the whole world. “I hope that one day you will have the experience of doing something you do not understand for someone you love. “Laughter is wine for the soul - laughter soft, or loud and deep, tinged through with seriousness - the hilarious declaration made by man that life is worth living. “It is better, I
:D誰かを信頼していません。 10.08.2019 21:39
me dio un golpe de nostalgia xd, que recuerdos :c
Rei do Adesivo 10.08.2019 20:43
Who listen and replay?
Jhosselyn Fernandez perez 10.08.2019 20:21
Omg love your
Álvaro Marugán Andújar 10.08.2019 19:57
La canción favorita de Willyrex
Lilly¿ 10.08.2019 19:55
Have a wonderful day, you are so beautiful💕
Wilham S 10.08.2019 19:43
TwistedNugget 1 10.08.2019 19:10
It was my little pony my little pony
Panzote asies 10.08.2019 19:09
Nobody: Willyrex:parou parou,paradais
grey 10.08.2019 18:39
When you realize the video is 4:20 minutes long.
KAY WY 12.08.2019 07:21
@GtheLion7 bruh
GtheLion7 11.08.2019 21:46
@KAY WY woooosh
KAY WY 11.08.2019 07:51
What's the big deal
МОАБ 10.08.2019 18:32
Quien viene por Willy Rex?
Muhammad daniyal 10.08.2019 18:19
Doesn’t she look like an elephant?
Ice- #Brawl stars# 10.08.2019 18:11
I' like
Krzychu pl 10.08.2019 17:47
The best elephant song in the world! 😍😍😍😍
maddie lol 10.08.2019 17:20
I remember these types of songs.. watching mtv every morning and night on that old tv..ah the good days..(I'm 13 btw)
foul monk 12.08.2019 04:26
•stephanieee• 12.08.2019 04:12
maddie lol agreed! That’s what my childhood consists of