Beyoncé - Single Ladies (Put a Ring on It) (Video Version)

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Опубликовано: 03.10.2009
Beyoncé's official video for 'Single Ladies (Put a Ring on It)'. Click to listen to Beyoncé on Spotify: As featured on I Am... Sasha Fierce. Click to buy the track or album via iTunes: Google Play: Amazon: More from Beyoncé Love On Top: Dance For You: Naughty Girl: Follow Beyoncé Website: Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: Subscribe to Beyoncé on YouTube: More great Global Hits videos here: --------- Lyrics: All the single ladies (All the single ladies) All the single ladies (All the single ladies) All the single ladies (All the single ladies) All the single ladies Now put your hands up Up in the club, we just broke up I'm doing my own little thing You decided to dip but now you wanna trip Cause another brother noticed me I'm up on him, he up on me don't pay him any attention Cause I cried my tears, for three good years Ya can't be mad at me Cause if you liked it then you should have put a ring on it If you liked it then you should've put a ring on it Don't be mad once you see that he want it If you liked it then you should've put a ring on it
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Jacob Mayani 13.08.2019 05:51
wait a sec... beyonce shows off a ring here. this means shes not a single lady.
Marlen Chaga 13.08.2019 02:25
2019 - infinite
ava pellot 13.08.2019 01:04
im squeeling bc i just finished glee last week and CHRIS COLFER (kurt hummel) HAD TO LEARN THIS DANCE AND HE PERFECTED IT!!!😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
A.J. Bender 12.08.2019 23:45
"I'm a Ding-a-Ling! I'm a Ding-a-Ling! I'm a Ding-a-Ling! I'm a Ding-a-Ling!"
05Melany 12.08.2019 23:11
05Melany 12.08.2019 23:10
Roze Agha 12.08.2019 22:57
2009 أنا سنغل ليدي 2019كنت و مازلت سنغل ليدي🤷🏻‍♀️ بحببب هالغنية كتير و الرقصة روعة برافو بيونسيه
Island Roena 12.08.2019 22:46
I look like Beyonce! I'm Jamaican
WelcomeToYoure DOOM 12.08.2019 20:27
Adam Neely sent me here
Sxunflower Editx 12.08.2019 19:54
I’m single and proud ❤️
m. mache 12.08.2019 19:50
Miss Africa Beyonce thank you for turning up Absolutely stunning me greatest hits preformer vip entertainment strongly recommended congratulations 10 stars by mo RAAD Artists and judges in general Seleberity singer's Actors Actress models fashions beginnings stars singer's strictly come dance songs writer International? don't be surprised by Google youtube proof by mo RAAD Artists and judges on YouTube International? Mo?
Reem Gaming 12.08.2019 19:44
Omg I Was Exactly 1 yrs old when this song got published!
priyanka ingle 12.08.2019 18:23
Ohh ohh ohh wohh ohhh ohhh
Papa Cage 12.08.2019 17:25
I had to cleanse my ears and eyes after all the single furries
Cozmic Lamb 12.08.2019 16:45
You know, 2019 and still iconic choreography. Pfff
ash grayson 12.08.2019 15:05
im 16 and i should be able to walk,run,jump with heels but i always have to hold someones hands -_- and here is beyonce and her single ladies and jumping with heels i kinda feel like a loser as a girl ...... BEyoCe HoW ?!
Claud Seward 12.08.2019 14:33
Can we just appreciate all three of them for the beauty of this video
D_ Matthew 12.08.2019 14:18
I just realized that video quality doesn't matter back then
DNA IM 12.08.2019 07:41
Does anyone else notice that annoying sound like a 5 year old attempting to play the recorder continuously though-out the song?
North Wilson 12.08.2019 06:58
Sophia Lewis 12.08.2019 06:56
OMG she’s wearing the OG Thanos glove!😂
〘Falco〙яαïđ 12.08.2019 06:21
Those legs tho😍
Mizz MZ 12.08.2019 05:55
who's here after 10 years?? 2009 - 9 years old 2019 - 19 years old
Piter Andriel 12.08.2019 03:21
Wolfster :3 12.08.2019 03:18
Now put your hands up 🙌🙋 👇Where you at single squad
G D 12.08.2019 02:52
Cuando beyonce le robo el guantelete a thanos
PHNX _Disney 12.08.2019 02:51
(•_•) <) )/ / \
Samuel Afu 12.08.2019 01:48
Sorry no ingles is panama my favorite song
•DADDY_JIN• 12.08.2019 01:13
I still singl 🌚💕
The Horseman 12.08.2019 00:31
And I am a single man
Mi Reis 12.08.2019 00:27
Suga Yoong Br 11.08.2019 23:42
sofie polster 11.08.2019 23:29
Vikki Shelton 11.08.2019 22:38
Love the fact that some of the dance moves came from West Side Story ,fantastic dancing in those heels,...what a star
Josember Gordillo 11.08.2019 22:37
Yhea perdonen xd
Slimy Socks 11.08.2019 22:11
After watching the Chipmunks Version of this, I notice a deeper undertone in Beyonces voice. She still sounds badass tho
Rebeca Alonzo 11.08.2019 21:00
3:10 La primera poseedora del guantelete del infinito!😂 No...nadie...bjeno😧
Christian Wiche 11.08.2019 20:57
Sexy Girls, my Favorit is beyonce i love you 😍😍😍😍 😘, 😍
Little Miss Chanteur 11.08.2019 20:21
I like food, how do I put a ring on that :0
Little Miss Chanteur 11.08.2019 20:21
I like food, how do I put a ring on that :0
Siddhant Karwa 11.08.2019 20:16
Thanos got the ganulet idea from this video
Leticia Aparecida 11.08.2019 16:36
Bob bob 11.08.2019 13:56
Eva B 11.08.2019 13:50
Cette chanson est indémodable 👏
Rony 11.08.2019 12:54
As a single lady I can't forget about this song...
Sophia Damoulakis 11.08.2019 12:09
Who is here from the shrek video?
aint your boyfriend 11.08.2019 11:36
Wow, She is really good
france bald 11.08.2019 06:09
That choreography is insane
Mimi Belcher 11.08.2019 04:53
I love this video.... it is one of the best videos ever made. The simple fact that I feel like they had to get this all right in one take or it wouldn't have been right and it is PERFECT is fascinating to me. Then the way they have enough meat on their thighs to actually move to the beat..I love it
CHRISTIAN MARQUEZ 11.08.2019 04:17
August 2019.
Sávio Cardoso 11.08.2019 02:35
Mauricio Soto 11.08.2019 02:11
Este vídeo debería ser patrimonio de la humanidad xD
Alanis Bts 11.08.2019 02:05
(•_•) <))> / \
Jolene Tran 11.08.2019 01:57
Ayeee single lady squad’
ta okay :3 11.08.2019 00:25
I will never forget that I danced this every time I listened xD
Pupsipanda 007 10.08.2019 23:57
Anybody remembering Kurt (glee) 🤷‍♀️ just me okay
Alyssa Singleton 11.08.2019 11:13
Defiantly not just u lol
RC- Renato comics! HQ 10.08.2019 23:44
Ela dança muito bem
Female Jason 10.08.2019 23:14
Beatriz Nascimento 10.08.2019 22:49
Donaaaa do meu cu💜
Beatriz Nascimento 10.08.2019 22:48
Amoooo! Posso postar? NAO! As pessoas não tem LIMITES pra serem oferecidas🤨🤨🤨🙄🙄🙄🙄 que nervoso!
Bottle Blonde 10.08.2019 21:32
This song will forever haunt me, now that I've done this dance when I was drunk at my sister's wedding
Roque Candelario 10.08.2019 20:52
Oh yeah she single
Nada S 10.08.2019 20:22
fernanda toledo 10.08.2019 19:31
No sé, yo solo quisiera bailar así jejeje
vicky quispe 10.08.2019 18:34
Like si viniste por la serie de glee 😅... Que ... Nadie más? 😥
Christian S 10.08.2019 17:52
i like her old music better and i wish she made more of these like if u agree :(
Jain Manari 10.08.2019 17:36
I can't even walk in heels. How come she dances in them? Iconic
Bub Huynh 10.08.2019 16:18
Kanye West jerk off to this video more than his wife tape
Pedro Tellez 10.08.2019 16:12
(• •) <) )/ / \
Marachime 10.08.2019 15:58
we played this in our pride truck today and ugh the harmonies in the chorus are SO GORGEOUS <3
wandera phionah 10.08.2019 15:24
Were r the single ladies here lets goooooo....
V LEA 10.08.2019 15:01
2009: single 2019: still single
Kyzaiah Curry 10.08.2019 14:35
2019 anyone
Alejandro Bautista García 10.08.2019 13:31
Somebody here for the Kirby's video?xD
TheLaughingManXC 10.08.2019 11:48
Here's a thing, am gay and never liked this song until my sister forced me to dance with her to it. we both danced so horrible but the fun we had was worth doing it XD
your mom 10.08.2019 11:14
She is sooo pretty !!! And her voice is really good !! 😊😊😊
luna elise 10.08.2019 09:41
I'm here after watching Kanye interrupting taylor swift at the VMA ! 🤣🤣 He was so right tho, best video ever by Beyoncé
pepe ruiz 10.08.2019 09:11
Me gustas quiero salir contigo
MC. Dubs 10.08.2019 07:22
The fact this was done in one take with multiple cross overs and angles!
Kelley Direwolf 10.08.2019 04:23
shit fire
Rationalistic 10.08.2019 04:07
Russian Bokchoy 10.08.2019 03:58
How the hell do they move like that in heels
Noemi Espejel 10.08.2019 03:55
Baile esta cansión like si tu también la bailaste👍
Niemand Niemand 10.08.2019 03:15
When sb definitely puts a ring on it
Righteous Bear 10.08.2019 00:53
This video would have been brilliant if Beyonce has chosen two girls more attractive than her! Man alive, that would have been a different video! :-)
mundo da lu Mary 10.08.2019 00:02
Marco Chacón 09.08.2019 23:38
This song makes me dance!!!
Saturn 09.08.2019 21:54
Honestly, Beyonce, the only reason he didn't put a ring on it, was because he put it on me.
Starla Simmons 13.08.2019 05:07
Christian S 09.08.2019 21:29
are we not gonna talk about how perfect her name is “beyoncé” i love her name
Christian S 09.08.2019 21:17
beyoncé and rihanna are my favorite
приватные девчули 09.08.2019 20:51
Кто из тех кто говорит по русски? What do you speak Russian?
Dutch Doggo 09.08.2019 19:42
Vanoly Vanuchi 09.08.2019 19:27
(.-.) all the single ladies <) )/ / \
pretty mwadi 09.08.2019 18:35
if u like then shoulda put a ring on it by beyonce
Kao Phillips 09.08.2019 18:27
I like Beyonce songs
Dinh Ryan 09.08.2019 18:19
I use to listen to that song when I was a kid
aixa liz 09.08.2019 16:57
Es rock?!
T I 09.08.2019 15:03
My friend: this song is old Me: your mom is old but you still listen to her 🖕🏿
Binjax-kono 09.08.2019 14:03
Thanos should've put a ring on it.
ItzFantastic c 09.08.2019 13:25
This song It like (× ×) (. .) ^/^£