No Doubt - Don't Speak (Official Music Video)

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Опубликовано: 07.10.2009
REMASTERED IN HD! Music video by No Doubt performing Don't Speak. (C) 2003 Interscope Records #NoDoubt #DontSpeak #Remastered #Vevo
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kecamatan welahan 13.08.2019 05:16
gwen stefani all the best!
Merve 12.08.2019 23:41
Ne günlerdi be bayılırdım bu şarkıya deli gibi beklerdik radyoda çalsın diye nerden nereye geldik eskiden herşeyin anlamı vardı aşklar başka yaşanırdı şarkılar çok kaliteliydi geçmiş herdaim özeldir keşke gençliğime geri dönebilsem ❤
anna andreoli 12.08.2019 23:30
for dark I am speaking now I am the king love anna💜💜🐼🎩
tigre fofo 12.08.2019 22:59
1995: This song is awesome! 2019: This song is awesome! 3019: Such an awesome song!!!
Emmabelle Glendenning 12.08.2019 22:25
The 90’s had some good music! 😃
Paul Kim 12.08.2019 20:51
Damn! Gwen Stefani still looks the same
Роман Васильев 12.08.2019 18:42
Школа, мне 13, первый медляк. Спасибо no doubt за детство
Lola Bunny 12.08.2019 15:35
De mis canciones favoritas, la escuché por primera vez cuando estaba en último año de primaria ❤️
Supakrit Chotichong 12.08.2019 14:35
The end of this band. so sad.
Vinny V 12.08.2019 14:29
I didn't know this was Gwen singing, heard this song on radio at work many times. What a voice though!
Влад Семко 12.08.2019 13:38
сопли стаплес плейн
Drives The Car 12.08.2019 10:05
This song came out just as my marriage was coming apart... Just hearing it could cripple me for an hour a year or two later. 26 years later and it can still make this geezer's eyes well up.
eliran elliran 12.08.2019 09:03
Big like , 90-00s the best old and butiful songs ... thanks !
Che Quiza 12.08.2019 08:45
I remember my childhood when I hear this song..
lindsay shepherd 12.08.2019 06:42
will love this song forever
JonasIsNotOnFire 12.08.2019 03:58
Gwen stefani was the billie eilish of the 90s
Admiral Holdo 12.08.2019 03:08
Without a doubt, this is one of, if not the saddest break up song ever. Gwen’s vocals are so raw and emotional
The Hobbit 2k 11.08.2019 19:59
100M🔓 200M🔓 300M🔓 400M🔓 500M🔓 600M🔓 700M🔓 800M🔒 900M🔒 1B🔒
P Q 11.08.2019 16:16
Лето 97-го, вечерние дискотеки, танцы с девушкой, юность, NO DOUBT, вспоминаю и слезы наврачиваются...
Eduardo Romero 11.08.2019 09:37
Excelente rola!!! Viva Agosto 2019
ThiagoNetwork 13.08.2019 03:19
Ya se es la mejor
Sandy Duran 11.08.2019 06:33
OH! I Dont Know What I Love More? This Song? Or This Original/Raw/Badas* Version Of Gwen!!! 8/2019!
Manny Gonzalez 11.08.2019 04:28
🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔✍🏼✍🏼✍🏼✍🏼✍🏼✍🏼✍🏼✍🏼♈♈♈♈♈🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🇨🇺🇱🇷manny fesh well believe it duces now tell me people do what it takes to be an Aries lol ♈
redlenses 11.08.2019 03:59
well? maybe some better back-up music?
jason bevins 11.08.2019 02:41
Or let me use song in a type of video with all copy rites gone
jason bevins 11.08.2019 02:33
I know u r with Blake he is so cool an his songs r so awesome but I would like to do a I guess they say a remix of a curtain song
jason bevins 11.08.2019 02:28
I am sorry but I was an still a big fan of no doubt an when I was younger I got ur album by bad way an know I have started to write music as well because of ur music
Геннадий Рябоконь 10.08.2019 23:48
2019 Україна слухає
AMLOver de la 4T HipHop 10.08.2019 21:51
705 M views
spiffor 10.08.2019 20:38
Isn't it ironic...
Glenn Schriek 10.08.2019 20:37
I like this song.
Michu 10.08.2019 20:03
Oh, she looks like Gwen Stefani!
Lola Bunny 12.08.2019 15:41
Cause she is Gwen Stefani!
Vortex 5X 10.08.2019 19:14
*T H I S I S A R T*
Adrian Alvarez 10.08.2019 16:36
The Beautiful talent Gwen Stefani ❤️❤️❤️ still today still beautiful
Scot Bloxsom 10.08.2019 14:19
I wish she stayed with them, they would of been the Evanesence of the pop/grunge world..
UFC UFC 10.08.2019 13:17
Шедевр 🔥
Анастасия Захарченко 10.08.2019 11:46
This song will never die!!!
Анастасия Захарченко 10.08.2019 11:44
Как же она круто звучит до сих пор!!!
danniebear87 10.08.2019 05:19
My favorite No Doubt song
Marty 10.08.2019 05:07
I was 9yrs old in 97 and 31 2019 still an awesome songa
XO BH7 13.08.2019 01:50
Stupid. I have a basket of apples and i gave 3 away, how many was in the Basket? 😂😎 Answer plz
Cristofer Pesantez 10.08.2019 03:26
Muchos reu Cuerdo con esta muscia ingle me enamora🇪🇨🇪🇨🇪🇨🎶🎶🎶🎶 😍😍😍😍😍😍🎶🎶👈
pink fluffy unicorn 10.08.2019 01:44
*oh yes baby here it comes*
Tony DeArco 10.08.2019 00:42
Wow, What a trip it was being stationed in the UK for 3 yrs (96-99) and experiencing so many wonderful things, like these folks...and the Flipside, Princess Diana's passing :(
Asunder 09.08.2019 21:52
во всех клубах 90-00х. гг
Mario Hinsche 09.08.2019 20:48
Just Awesome
Kat 0409 09.08.2019 19:27
Magnifique musique que ne prend pas une ride ❣❣
ΓΙΟΥΛΙ ΣΤΥΡΙΝΙΔΟΥ 09.08.2019 19:02
Моя первая любовь...всегда будет напоминать этот трек ((никогда его не забуду
canal Lourenço 09.08.2019 18:47
Há minha adolescência!!!!!
Camila Caceres 09.08.2019 16:51
700M/ 2.1M💖💖💖
Cristian Benitez 09.08.2019 16:16
Y al final lo que pasa en el video de hizo realidad...
l H 09.08.2019 15:30
2019 still..
Richard Morris 09.08.2019 13:26
one of the greatest songs of all time.
rossini 46 09.08.2019 11:11
Илья Иванников 09.08.2019 10:22
Песня детства навечно в сердечке..
Del Shoemaker 09.08.2019 07:38
As a male, What can I say? I love NoDoubt buy she gets all sweaty, IDK.
Khabibah Zahra 09.08.2019 06:05
Fran 09.08.2019 03:44
Alguien que habla español y escucha esto en Agosto 2019?
Aislinn Piña 12.08.2019 19:26
@abdiel Huertas que coincidencia, jajaja, esta muy buena la serie
abdiel Huertas 12.08.2019 18:11
@Aislinn Piña Glee yo también
Aislinn Piña 12.08.2019 15:33
Jajaja yo y la busqué porque estoy viendo Glee y salió en un capitulo
Yulieth Erazo 12.08.2019 13:36
@Diego Badillold Gamer jajajaja I dont need your reasons creo que dice....jajajaj rellenar mis chorizos, que loco!! 😂👍
Hdh Dbdbxbd 12.08.2019 11:39
Fran yoxd
shiry holander 09.08.2019 03:28
my favorite song of all times!!
timothy lines 09.08.2019 03:13
it grinds smooth times 2.
Chaundra 09.08.2019 02:28
Once upon a time, there was a mousey brunette in California. She could sing. She stood on the shoulders of musical genius, left the band that made her who she is and gave birth to the child of of an unfaithful alcoholic. Well done, Gwen! The End.
Liudmila Sümer 09.08.2019 00:25
I love two sond👍
Alondra Sailet Davila Cruz 08.08.2019 19:48
Gwen compuso está canción para Tony Kanal, bajista de la banda. Debió ser difícil que el tema más iconico de la banda sea uno que te recuerda una relación que salió mal, pero precisamente por eso cuando la canta lo hace con tanto sentimientos, por que se la está cantando a él.
Greys Duyes 08.08.2019 19:10
9 avgust 2019 😍❤❤❤🎉🎉🎉
Fitria Yulianti 08.08.2019 16:42
Pengen ketemu gwen stefani...ternyata orangnya cantik banget ya...aku dari indonesia 085286666485
Cristina Coro 08.08.2019 16:26
Rossy R. 08.08.2019 16:20
Luis Miguel JR 08.08.2019 15:13
When music was really music.!
Adalia richo 08.08.2019 13:32
When wearing no shoes was normal take me back to them days 💜
Adalia richo 08.08.2019 13:31
This song brings me back to the good old memories of my childhood 💜
M S Gyan Channel 08.08.2019 11:49
lcn thr 08.08.2019 06:10
هذه هي أغنية آسف على الإزعاج أحمد حلمي
jessy jessy 08.08.2019 04:01
Duck i loved this song
R. Rush 08.08.2019 03:55
The 90’s, a better simpler time
Артём Шербан 07.08.2019 19:32
8 Августа 2019 🇷🇺🇷🇺🇷🇺
hamza BinLadin 07.08.2019 17:48
Sexy girl i like 👍💕 🇹🇭🌹09/08/2019 🇹🇭🤟
Paolo Flores 07.08.2019 17:30
Soy el comentario español que buscas 😂❤️
Barbara 07.08.2019 16:24
Patricia Paulo 07.08.2019 11:53
A unica musica q nao me canso de ouvir, desde q lançaram 😍😄
Lauren Lea 07.08.2019 07:48
I miss the 90s.
Moto G 07.08.2019 02:43
Aquí esta el comentario en español que tanto estabas buscando :,) . . . . . . Pdta:Nunca había tenido tantos laiks
Eric Reterstorf 07.08.2019 02:28
Gwen has some rocken abbs... allways has...
Mike o besta 07.08.2019 00:32
amo demais esta música❤
Causative Factor 06.08.2019 22:43
Kaleb Abdalla 06.08.2019 20:56
DajahDoesEverything 06.08.2019 20:51
Anybody else think this sounds like Alejandro by lady Gaga
Astuteous Maximus 06.08.2019 20:20
Born in 1980 and remembering this band, I only just realised it's Gwen Stefani
Elshan M.R. 06.08.2019 18:13
Music recorded in 1996 but best of all years
ulkomaalainen1 06.08.2019 16:15
очень талантливая вещь!
evanne dingemans 06.08.2019 15:55
My biggest regret is to be born in the 2000's ! I really wish I was born in the 70's or 80's
evanne dingemans 08.08.2019 20:26
@Robert Hoovan I am sure it was ! You were lucky 😊
Robert Hoovan 08.08.2019 20:04
evanne dingemans Was born in 84 the 90s were good
Amir R 06.08.2019 15:23
Indonesia Agustus 2019
Jhuliene Abne 06.08.2019 12:48
dont tell me ‘cause it hurts 💔💔💔
justasavagebitch 06.08.2019 10:42
Tomasz Rachwał 06.08.2019 08:28
Great song! Regars from Poland:)
newginafets2009 06.08.2019 07:02
700 mil views!!!
redambulance the tim 06.08.2019 02:51
Cliff Herren 06.08.2019 00:15
She was/is a babe.
Meriç Baygın 05.08.2019 23:21
Excellent song. My favorite song.
Tzuu Yao Lee 05.08.2019 22:29
First time watching the mv 😱😱😱😱 missed in the 90s
Kelbis Hernandez 05.08.2019 21:23
No había nacido cuando salió está canción. Por suerte puedo escucharla y saber que hubo un tiempo en el que se hacía buena música...
patykau kau 08.08.2019 23:57
Yoooooo igual
Maricela Del Carmen Sanchez 08.08.2019 19:49
Naciste en 2009???
Rafail Aliyev 05.08.2019 19:06
The music of my childhood 😌
nur iera 05.08.2019 12:41
like it!!